Why Us

You can never go wrong with your decision by choosing Pro Cloud Hosting as the cloud hosting service provider for your business. There are several segments of our Cloud Hosting Services that attracts clients to do business with us. We are going to offer you a sneak peek of what you would get with us in cloud web hosting;
When we offer cloud hosting services to you, you are entitled to have servers that have the following features; Your business gets hardware that protects your cloud computing services, when you want the most redundant services that avoids data loss, eliminating single points of failure.
The swappable dual power supply units are comfortably manage power failures by rendering round the clock power supply to the cloud hosting servers, to keep your websites awake and active in order to cater a worldwide clientele.
Faster laptop styled hard drives that store clients’ virtual drives that offer better read and write times than typical 3.5 inch hard drives. These slim 2.5 inch hard drives are able to translate better disk performance for the clients’ virtual servers.
RAID 6 array drives are hot swappable ones and are monitored round the clock. Failed servers are hence figured out immediately and replaced by new ones, keeping your data intact. These can manage up to 2 server failures without any data loss. Clients get the power of Dual 6 core processors that offer better performance with the virtual servers. This is definitely a boost, for cloud web hosting their various business sites and to improve the performance as well.
Redundant networking cards, power supply facilities, switching, routers and IP connectivity is utmost for top notch cloud hosting services. These are indispensable aspects of our cloud services and offer great boost to clients’ business sites. Distributed storage facility allows the cloud hosting servers to be more redundant and resilient, removing any chances of server failures or data loss on the go.

Every rack within the data center comes with the said properties;

Round the clock power supply, with UPS back up to eliminate any data loss due to power failures. In case the dual power supply fails at the same time, the UPS supports cloud hosting automatically, without interrupting the performance of the websites and applications running over it. The under floor cooling system available for each rack maintains the temperature around 22 degrees centigrade, so that the rack becomes reliable and its performance also increases.
Our networking system maintains the clouds’ performance on the peak with the following feature; Fibre-Optic networking system is capable of handling high data flow connections, so that network latency is minimized with enhanced performance. As a result clients experience a sudden rise in business and gather more ROI as well. Our data center hosts all the servers at their best possible environment and allows each server to avail best server uptime as well as above 99.9% bandwidth.
These cloud hosting servers are housed within well protected and plugged in with round the clock power supply to facilitate better performance, as well as scalability to the web based applications and websites hosted across the cloud hosting servers. 24X7 customer support facility is offered, to assist our clients for resolving cloud hosting related issues and allow more new clients to sign up with us, after getting required information about the cloud services.