PHP Cloud Hosting, PHP Cloud Server
Cloud Hosting Services are offered from Pro Cloud Hosting at very affordable prices. Be it dedicated cloud hosting or Linux and Windows server OS cloud hosting, the services are always at their best. Cloud hosting is offered in basically 3 forms called as; SaaS(Software as a Service), PaaS(Platform as a Service) and IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service. PHP Cloud Hosting comes under PaaS services as the PHP platform is used as service by the clients. PHP Cloud Server is utilized to deploy web hosting services within the cloud and make the client have an edge over the competition on the target niche.Pro Cloud Hosting offers PHP Cloud hosting, where scaling and managing PHP based applications is a major job. The PHP cloud Server integrates with the workflow of the websites to auto scale up and down along with extra capabilities with powerful add-on facilities. The PHP Cloud hosting package involves deployment of applications, for the clients and then let them upgrade to, dedicated and elastic resources, while they get ready for production.

PHP Cloud Hosting contains the following components in as stack; vast range of PHP extensions, core platform built over PHP 5.3 along with NGINX, add-ons offering data, application and system services.

PHP Cloud Servers render the following advantages to clients in cloud hosting;

Automatically scalable apps with respect to traffic and resource usage

Trouble free deployment from Git or Subversion to meet clients needs

Apps built on popular ranges of PHP frame works

Faster websites and response time due to custom built HTTP cashing-mesh

Built in load-balancer that distributes load across available instances within the PHP cloud hosting environment

Built in load-balancer that distributes load across available instances within the PHP cloud hosting environment

Service providers dealing with E-Commerce applications, APIs, web services, Facebook, mobile applications, apps dealing with content management systems like Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress are ideal options to implement PHP Cloud Hosting within their business, in order to gain more exposure and growth on the internet.

Built in load-balancer that distributes load across available instances within the PHP cloud hosting environment

PHP Cloud Hosting includes the following features that are offered to the clients for hosting their websites;

99.9% cloud uptime is available with our PHP Cloud server, to minimize the down time and offer you more ease of performance. Perfect load balancing through HA proxy, file synchronization as well as MySQL replication make these services available round the clock for the clients’ use.

Back up is managed on PHP Cloud hosting to keep your codes secure, so that at critical times you never lose what you have worked upon so hardly. Apart from that you can even roll back to the place where you began coding, to measure the changes and take adequate steps that you need.

Our no-lock facility allows the clients to move from one cloud to another or to their in house servers, in assistance with our network engineers pretty easily.

Our custom build firewalls have the ability to protect your codes, data and access level, so that you stay away from data related security threats. Our PHP Cloud Servers are class apart to secure your business in any critical condition over the web.

These PHP Cloud Hosting services are highly scalable and allow you to add database capacity, server power or application servers that can benefit your business. Automatic scaling makes the PHP cloud services keep your codes, as it is and renders better services.