Linux Cloud Hosting, Linux Cloud Server
Cloud computing in itself is a boon for the web world. The variety of services it offers to the websites and applications hosted within are definitely benefit the web masters’ business in the long run. Modern technology and the web based services are opening new gateways for cloud computing with Linux Web Hosting as well as Windows Cloud computing services, where the client gets the upper hand to choose the desired hardware. Linux Cloud Hosting servers are the most flexible ones available in the market and having one with Pro Cloud Hosting is definitely a boost for your websites and applications running over them.Explore the opportunities held beneath highly capable cloud hosting servers, leaving behind traditional Linux Virtual Private Server hosting. Age old VPS service providers used to fragment large dedicated servers to share among multiple customers. A single shared Linux hosting instance was utilized for offering services to multiple clients over a single physical server for each isolated VPS.
As a result, performance was not always the best for any business that depended on it. On the contrary our Linux KVM technology allows all the clients to run their individual copy of isolated Linux that has batter choice for distribution, higher performance, tougher isolation, strict security measures and deep level of configuration for the cloud computing server. You can get a free trial of 7 days with our Linux Cloud Hosting service where, VPU, storage, RAM and bandwidth along with networking resources are available for your business. There are no obligations for you to buy the services; it’s just a sneak peek to our world of cloud web hosting services that allow you to enjoy the benefits without really paying anything. You can sign up instantly, as soon as you feel it essential for the business growth after trying it for a week. The basic and most significant reasons behind selecting a Linux Cloud Server are nothing but; Cost cutting: We let you remove the unused resources and memory capacity, making it exactly you desire. With our utility pricing models you get the benefit of enhanced cash flow that boosts the ROI for whatever business niche you cater in to. Flexible Features: Our Linux Cloud Hosting services offer you the freedom to experience the ease of utilizing computing resources as per your requirement. As a result you pay only for the resources you actually consume than the full resources you previously used to take on rent but never used in a whole for your enterprise. Out of the box ideas: These allowed the Linux computing infrastructure to be build around your business rather than binding your business across one of these cloud computing resources. These are the pre-installed Linux Cloud Servers available with us; CentOS Linux is available with our cloud hosting servers and you can easily create a new Fedora cloud server as soon as you deploy it within your account. As soon as you create the Fedora server your CentOS is ready for action. Ubuntu Linux is available with desktop and server edition with us; you can immediately deploy it for your web accounts. Configuring a Ubuntu Linux hosting server is as simple as clicking over the share button and distribute pictures over the social networking site. Clients get immediate access to the Ubuntu server as they are very easy to deploy and simple to access from out cloud hosting Linux packages. Pro Cloud Hosting offers the best Linux Cloud Hosting servers that bring a true cloud computing experience for you.