Cloud Hosting Reseller Reseller Cloud Hosting, Cloud Hosting Reseller is certainly a very interesting aspect of cloud hosting. Offering reseller cloud hosting services are certainly going to benefit the clients, who want to earn some extra perks out of the cloud hosting services they bought from the cloud hosting service providers. Under a cloud hosting reseller account the client becomes the provider for his customers, maintains cloud hosting account as a master account over a shared cloud and sells sub-accounts to clients. Cloud hosting reseller commonly serves, as an intermediary selling disk space and bandwidth allocated by the service provider. Cloud web hosting providers who don’t use the reseller accounts for their business usually render reseller cloud hosting to clients. Cloud reseller hosting is usually utilized by people who want to venture in to web hosting world as a start up web hosting company and render services to their clients. Cloud reseller hosting accounts are basically offer cost effective solutions for beginners in the industry, when they wish to offer cloud hosting services. Often business owners own multiple reseller cloud hosting accounts for their own use. Through these reseller accounts, they get the opportunity to adjust the amount of bandwidth and disk space allotted to each website, in order to manage the entire set of sites using a control panel login.

Advantages of cloud hosting reseller services are as follows:

  • The cloud web hosting provider is responsible for maintaining the servers.
  • Cloud reseller hosting account holders can access their as well as the clients’ websites through a single control panel.
  • Reseller cloud hosting packages can be upgraded or downsized as per the need of the account holders, rather than using the entire server for their business needs.
  • Cloud hosting clients can easily earn some extra perks, as cloud hosting reseller providers for their clients and customers.
  • Even with a small investment a newbie can start as a cloud web hosting provider with these cloud reseller hosting services and grow further.

The drawbacks of reseller cloud hosting services:

  • These cloud hosting reseller plans are usually expensive than the normal shared cloud hosting plans and cost effective if the allotted space is consumed properly.
  • In case the reseller cloud hosting provider is changing the cloud hosting provider then their clients also face the consequences.
  • Cloud hosting clients can easily earn some extra perks, as cloud hosting reseller providers for their clients and customers.
  • If for some reasons the servers go constantly down then the cloud hosting reseller gains a bad name in the industry as clients start to have second thoughts about the reseller’s credibility as a service provider.