Cloud Computing is essential to gain better output from web hosting services, irrespective of the niche and business size a client deals with. Cloud computing is the ultimate solution for web hosting services and web hosting service providers like us are happy to help you through the transition. Cloud computing hosting deals with website hosting over cloud servers, these include assisting websites to perform without any trouble, in case the server they are hosted in crashes unexpectedly or faces either network overload or web traffic. Critical situations like these can prove fatal for business owners running time critical and complex applications that deal with financial transactions, so managed cloud hosting comes as a sigh of relief for them. Cloud computing is popular for its great features and affordable prices. Multiple servers that are teamed up to manage server related issues of websites hosted across any of them, without letting the business owner know about the issue at all. Everything runs fine with a cloud computing server, as load balancing, energy efficiency and best performance that adds an edge to the web hosting packages available under website hosting. To enable cloud computing hosting for clients a service provider as Pro Cloud Hosting has taken great measures to ensure that the platform used for cloud computing is efficient enough to support multiple applications and heavy volume of transactions. Energy efficiency is the prime factor to decide upon the best platform in cloud computing, as it need to be capable of reducing the number of components involved in cloud computing, so that lesser entities are required to be powered and cooled. In addition to the above, management overhead must be minimal to accommodate acquisition of new servers without ant burden on the management. IT department of the service provider should be capable, to manage storage access, virtualization, computing and network infrastructure through a single interface. In managed cloud hosting services are rendered in 3 basic forms; IaaS, PaaS and SaaS that offer varieties of added advantages to the clients business. Infrastructure, Platform and Software are the three components being offered in cloud computing as services. Cloud computing is charged like a metered service; i.e. the clients pay for services that they actually use, rather than paying in bulk even for the resources they didn’t use but have rented for a specific period. For example; if they have rented a server then they pay for the duration they used as per the records maintained by the service provider. When the resources are not used by a client the same is being utilized by another client, keeping the service charges really low and affordable. Bandwidth and server uptime is always good with a cloud computing server, as the load balancing is done continuously throughout the day.